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What is Test Bank?

The test bank is a guide for testing and exams. It contains a lot of questions with their correct answers related to an academic textbook. Test banks usually contain true/false questions, multiple choice questions, and essay questions. Authors provide those guides to help instructors and teachers create their exams and tests easily and fast. We recommend all students to download the sample attached to each test bank page and review them deeply.

What is Solutions Manual?

The solutions manual is a guide where you can find all the correct answers (odd and even) to your textbooks’ questions, cases, and problems.

Can I get a sample before buying a Test Bank or Solutions Manual?

Samples are attached to each test bank and solutions manual page at our website. We always recommend students and instructors to download the samples before placing orders. At MANUALS1 we offer a complete sample chapter for each product.

Can I download my files immediately after completing the order?

Yes. Our system will grant you an access to download your files immediately after completing the order.

How will I download my product?

You will receive an email from testbanky that contains the download link.

I am not able to download my test bank or solution manual

If you could not download your product for any reason, contact us and we will solve the issue immediately.

I downloaded the product but I am not able to open it!

The file or the download could be corrupted or you do not have the software that supports the file extension. In both cases simply contact us and will we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

Can I get a discount for bulk orders?

Yes. For bulk orders (5 and above) please contact us and we will give you a good offer.

What Payment method you accept?

We accept all types of credit cards. Please note that a well-known secured third party will process the payment.

What information you collect?

Please check our privacy policy page. Briefly, all that we need is an email address so that our system can deliver your files.

What do you do with my information?

Please check our privacy policy page.

Will you share my information with anyone?

Please check our privacy policy page. In a brief sentence, we do not share any part of your information with anyone under any circumstances.

I mistakenly bought the wrong product. What should I do?

Please contact us. We will try to solve this issue.

Can I request a refund and how?

Please check our refunds policy page.